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Ashtamiirealty deals in excellent commercial and IT space. We, with our farsightedness offer our clients a space that is extremely viable and in sync with the present needs and scenario. The options that we generate are well researched and therefore serve the needs of the clients excellently.

Office Space
We offer our clients some well researched office spaces that are completely in accordance with the current office trends. These spaces are suitably accepted by the clients when they fulfil all the needs and requirements important to create a fulfilling, functional and productive office environment.

We take time to understand the needs of our clients. The work they are into and what all will be required to arrange the complete set up and to a great extent affect their decision.

The accurate knowledge of what the client might actually need comes from interactions with the clients, and continuous endeavours of our team members to learn the current market trends and keep themselves updated.

Retail Space

We also provide our clients with excellent choices as well as retail spaces are concerned. These spaces are generally supposed to be at remote locations where the footfall can be maximized for better sale. The retail spaces should always be well researched. In this case location plays the prime determinant.

When we take up to provide options for a retail space to the clients, we take time to understand the nature of the retail business as well as other important details that comprise the various needs and requirements of the clients as well as their business.


Our motive is not just to get done with the work but to achieve trust and satisfaction from our clients. Talking about warehouses, apart from noting the client’s requirements, we understand the various technicalities involved.

Nearness to the store and easy reachability plus transportability is extremely important for a warehouse location. Other important issues are the nature of goods to be stored and availability of loading docks to load and unload goods.

These things are well kept in our minds before we provide our clients with options that can’t be ignored.

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